Yeasu FRG-7

I've made a number of modifications to my FRG-7 over the years.

Link to large image One of the easiest changes is to replace some of the knobs with more convenient styles. The toggle switch between volume and mode switch selects a 3 kHz Collins Mechanical filter.   The AM/ANL position of the mode switch has been rewired to switch on a crystal oscillator at exactly 455.00 kHz. When the received station is zero-beat with this, the Digital Display reads the exact carrier freq.

Link to large image Visible in the bottom view are several of the mods. On the lower right is the added mechanical filter. On the upper left is the added buffer PCB board for the digital display. The added PCB board on the upper right side is the 455.00 crystal controlled BFO.

Link to large image This closeup of the added Digital Display buffer board also shows the switch which selects the mechanical filter, and also on the lower right, a pair of 455 kHz ceramic resonators. Replacing the IF amplifier emitter bypass capacitors with ceramic resonators sharpens the response of the IF amplifier.


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