Link to large image Visible receivers are the EAC Radiomarine R7, Yeasu FRG-7, and R-390A.

Link to large image Closeup of the Radiomarine R7. Info on the internet indicates the Drake MSR-1 was rebranded and sold by several difference companies. The Radiomarine R7, by EAC (Electronics Assistance Corp), was one of these versions, as was the SAIT MR-1414. The picture available for the MSR-1 , however, is rather different than the Radiomarine R7, which does look like the MSR-2. . a webpage for the Delta Cruise Lines does have a radioroom photo said to be a MSR-1 which looks like my receiver, so perhaps the MSR-1 had a facelift in the middle of it's life. The MSR-1 and MSR-2 are similar to the DSR-1 and DSR-2 except the MSR series have long wave capability down to 10 kHz. The Radiomarine R7 is not related at all to the Drake R7.


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