What Is It???

Here's a few of the items around the shack crying for more information.

Can anyone identify this set of coils? Commercially wound on Hammarlund 4 pin coil forms. Look like coils for a regen receiver, but which one?

Another pair of coils? Commercially wound on Bud 4 pin coil forms. Also probably part of a coil set for a regen receiver?

Seems to be a plug-in for a piece of test equipment. Possibly a field strength meter for TV antenna installation? But I don't recall Amphenol making test equipment?

Beautiful silver placed variable capacitor. About a 50:1 worm gear reduction drive as I recall. Anyone recognize it? I'm wondering what equipment it was used in.

Interesting - works well as a WWV receiver, but I sense it's intended to compare other freq standards to WWV. Anyone have any info on it?


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